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I guess every person has their preference of the type of partner they want to be with them. Also what kind of characteristics they are attracted to. Charlotte London escorts loves the best of the best and have a very nice taste in the beautiful men. Typically everyone looks for the tall dark and handsome type do you know the one who has all the money and treats him like a princess. Well I too do you look for the tall type I’m not too fussed about how handsome you are as long as we have things in common and you are a decent human being I’m not that bothered about eyes or hair colour. The one thing that is a deal clincher for me is most definitely how tall you are. I only like to date tall men no I love people say it’s because I’m quite tall myself which is true but I don’t like to date just the average 5 foot 11 tall guy my tool is basketball league tour so the minimum height I would even consider going out with is 6 foot seven.  

I work for an Escort agency in London and the girls there and I tend to talk about our ideal partner as you can imagine we are many dates and meet mini types of different characters and people so we have a good understanding of what type of person you like to have in our lives long-term. The girls at London escorts think that I will never find a man that all in London they say that I have to move to the US all the Premier League basketball players off and try and move on those circles to find myself the ideal man.  

To certain extent I do agree with the girls at London escorts I would be hard pushed to find a man that all in London where is there is definitely more options in the US because of the popularity in basketball however I have no desire to move to the US I really enjoy working for London escorts and I have my home and my friends and my family here which I wouldn’t want to leave. I guess I could consider online dating to at least try and find the perfect guy and then if things progress I could then consider either a long distance relationship or travelling over to the US and seeing how their relationship progresses.  

The girls at London escort asked me often why I would like to be in such a restrictive position when it comes to finding a life partner they asked me why do I put this pressure on myself when there’s enough to consider without having such a difficult physical attribute to satisfy. To certain extent I see where the girls from London Tesco’s are coming from and I understand as it is quite a tall order no pun intended but you can’t help what you’re attracted to for me I’ve dated men who have been relatively tall and not tall enough and those relationships have never completely satisfied me.