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London is known this is amazing city with lots of shops and work and an amazing night life but what they don’t advertise is the poverty and how many people are actually living in poverty. With government benefits barely giving enough money for you to have a nutritious meal for a family of seven our family was classify as poor. It was my mum my five youngest siblings and myself that made up that family of seven and we struggled from as long as I can remember. The kids at school are mean as I always used to have old and ratty close my uniform was always too small for me and my shoes would be worn out until the souls we are rubbed off. I hated high school the most I was always surrounded by hormonal bitchy girls who would tease me about everything. Are used to look at them and at one point I wanted to be like them but the way that they were so mean to me I ended up hitting them and their stupid insecurities and fallible idealisms.  

At the age of 15 I dropped out of school I didn’t finish my GCSEs as I had to help my mum bringing some money to the house as we are struggling to feed all of us so I got a job as a waitress. I worked at this unique small café for three years before I started looking for another job. I searched high and low but not many people were hiring and even if they were they wanted to know that you had actually passed your GCSE maths and English. Unfortunately for me I didn’t even take the exams. So I struggled getting another job. One day I was serving this really lovely lady she was absolutely beautiful she had long dark brunette hair and bright ocean blue eyes. She had a tiny waist which was accentuated by her half cut T-shirt and baggy jeans. I served her a cappuccino and a Panini I wish her a good afternoon she said thank you and we just started chatting from there. I asked her what it is that she did for a living and she explained to me that she worked for outcall London escorts. I had heard about London escorts before however never really knew what it was they did. She explain to me after I queried about what she does for a living and my eyes lit up. I never knew that being in London escort meant that you were able to accompany clients to all of these prestigious events and even just hang out and get paid for it. What 19-year-old girl doesn’t want to hang out the job just seemed too good to be true.  

The girl I served saw that I was really intrigued and interested in becoming a London escort and she invited me down to the agency to speak with the London escorts manager. I’m super excited I really hope that I have all of the skills and attributes that they are looking for to become a London escort.